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Dr. Archie Norman

Mission President

Dr. Mission President Norman has been pastor of Henry Baptist Church in McDonough, Georgia since 1994.  The church started as a small, mission work of 50 people and has grown to a thriving work with a tremendous mission impact.  Mission President has had numerous opportunities to travel and preach, assisting missionaries in over a dozen nations around the world.  His ministry is built upon solid Bible preaching, an emphasis on the power and life of Christ in the believer, and a focus on global missions.  His pastoral ministry spans over 36 years at churches in Tennessee and Georgia.

In 1996, Dr. Norman began a publishing ministry of Henry Baptist Church called “Principle Living Ministries,” which provides instructional materials that teach the truths of the Bible as they relate to the character and nature of God.  He also is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association and serves on the Board of Directors of Mediterranean Baptist Missions, Baptist World Missionary Outreach Ministries, GAP, and Missions in Jamaica.

In 2010 Pastor Norman authored “Soul Survival”, a book based on his counseling of hundreds of Christians who have struggled with various addictions, broken family relationships, destructive abuses, and religious hurts. He discovered that all these various problems and sins had a common root problem that could be traced back to the soul.  “Soul Survival” outlines Scriptural principles in a way that could be understood by anyone desiring to follow God’s blue print for a healthy soul.

Pastor Norman and his wife, Kimberly, have been married for 37 years and have 3 grown children and four grandchildren.

Lara Langston

I had no idea how that trip (and the four trips to come) would transform my spiritual life. Watching our students experience a third world culture as they embraced God's people was inspiring, working along side those same students was rewarding, and worshiping with our team and the members of Riverside Baptist Church was uplifting. I believe so strongly in exposing students to the mission field.

Lara LangstonFormer High School Principal , Community Christian School
Maddie Rock

This trip was the first time that I think I ever put all of my trust in God and He showed me that My God is real, and powerful, and a provider. Thank You to everyone who helped me to go on this trip because it truly impacted my life.

Maddie RockStudent, Disciple-maker
Damion Pringle

My name is Damion Pringle. I am the oldest boy at Noah's Ark Children's Home and the oldest of four brothers. The Locklear family, visiting groups, and Riverside Baptist Church have meant a lot to me. The church is on the same property with the home, so I have the privilege to attend all sessions. I am now saved and baptized, and serving as Assistant Youth Pastor, worshiping and serving my God. I want to say thanks to the Locklear's for taking four brothers in order to keep our family together.

Damion PringleNACH resident, Martha Brae, Jamaica
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