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November 2017 Prayer Letter

November 2017 Prayer Letter


Starting in Romans 10:14, we have the worldwide outreach of the gospel. God would have all to be saved.

I believe these verses were inserted into the Word of God because God had been working with the people of God- the Jewish nation – for all these years by sending prophets, the Word of God – the Song of God – and in spite of all this, in Romans 10:3, they were still ignorant of God’s righteousness.

Is that not a good picture of the world we live in today? The Word of God pictures three types of righteousness. First: self-righteousness, taking our lives into our own hands, trying to live the good life, working our way to Heaven. Second: The righteousness of the law – if we could keep the law, which is impossible, we would probably be saved. Since it is impossible to keep the law , this makes this option impossible. Third: the righteousness of faith, where we depend by faith on what Jesus did for us, believing in our hearts Romans 10:9-10 and calling upon our God to save us.

Therefore because the world is ignorant of the righteousness of God, we need verse 14. This verse tells us we need people called of God to go to a lost humanity, to tell them what God and Jesus has done for us…that which we cannot do for ourselves. This is by faith and faith alone. The question that I ask you is will you go?

Pastor Mack

From the heart of Mrs. Mack

In the month of June, Henry Baptist Church Mission Group came to work with us at the Riverside Baptist Church and Noah’s Ark Children’s Home in Martha Brae, Jamaica.

Bro. Jon Estes preached on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. Every message was awesome. One thing he said on Sunday morning really impressed me. He told a story about a missionary going to the Fiji Islands and he was told, “Do you not know you should not go there? The Cannibals will eat you!” He replied, “I was already dead when I entered the plane!” I understand what the man said. I, too, was already dead. Every dream of mine had going up in smoke when I entered that plane headed for Jamaica.

The mission group was awesome, well trained, well prepared and Dr. Archie Norman can be spiritually proud of them. They encouraged us all and as I watched them carry out the Vacation Bible School, I wanted to be young again. Everyone had such a good time. God was glorified in all that they did, whether it was work, worship. or play.


Missions Teams from the US have been greatly used by the Lord here in Jamaica. Please pray for us as we host three more teams this year!

Upcoming Teams:

  1. July 28-August 5, 2017 – Embracing Orphans from Washington State and a church from Minnesota are coming to install a playground for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Home.
  2. August 7-11, 2017 – Pollard Ridge Friends Church, in Trinity, NC led by Pastor Dave Mercadante and Brother Daniel Thames.
  3. November 3-10, 2017 – Berea Baptist Church from Athens, AL led by Brother Pat Lawrence.

As you pray, consider bringing a team to Jamaica in 2018?  It will change your life!

Jesus promised, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

The local church is foundational to all our ministry. We urge you to intercede in prayer for Riverside Baptist Church of Martha Brae.

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